Has Jospong Infected His Wife With MHIV?

By Fadi Dabbousi

It is a new year, and the works of the devil are creeping back quickly like “Speedy Gonzales”. There is an old adage that says that it is only dust that can quench the greed of man, and, verily, it is so. The American International School at East Legon has not been saved the filthy hands of exploits.
It is alleged that Joseph Siaw Agyepong has been on the prowl to acquire the school for some time now. This endeavour has been ongoing for a number of years now. It was said that his children were in that school, and when it began to have problems, he stepped in with ulterior motives. That seemed not to have worked out, I am told, so he set up a so-called international school, “LAS Liberty International School”, for his wife. This attitude of MHIV, “Must Have It Virus” is really beginning to foul the environment!!! Somehow, some people don’t appear to have any shame! They call themselves church elders yet wade gutters and quagmires in the hope of fishing something profitable. Luck was not on their side, and the newfound school struggled to get up to an oddly start.
The AIS, allegedly, could not rest from the trauma of having business parasites feed on it, too. A case of Fraud ensued and a High Court found the NICS (Network of International Christian Schools), which is allegedly affiliated with the Agyepongs, guilty of defrauding the American International School off some $798,000USD (seven hundred and ninety eight thousand US Dollars). So it seems to me that Jospong’s modus operandi is to choke businesses until they can breathe no more, then take over to administer ER and control. What quack business strategy is that?
I have always posited that this man is quite unholy and very greedy. I have also been informed that there is a docket with the AG that indicts him for embezzlement and financial loss to the State to the tune of GHs2.2billion (two billion two hundred million Ghana Cedis), yet a case is yet to be made ostensibly because there are two characters somewhere shielding him. Well, let’s watch what happens in this first quarter of 2019. Wallahi, with me around, he will never be let off the hook; I’ll see to it!
The American International School has, subsequently, issued a letter, which we have intercepted, to ward the Agyepongs off their butts. And I think they should if they know what is good for them! As per the contents of this letter, the Network of International Christian schools, NICS, is yet to respect the order of the High Court to refund the defrauded amount of $798,000USD to American International School.
Below is the letter issued by the American International School:


By Fadi Dabbousi

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