Gov’t Must Confiscate Zoomlion, Subah, & their Sister Companies Immediately

By Fadi Dabbousi

My dear government cannot renege on our campaign promise to prosecute and jail thieves who had had eight years of corruption fiesta, feasting on the nation and pillaging it in collusion with the NDC government of unblessed memory. These same people are still walking free, two years on since clinching power, making all sorts of statements to defy and ridicule the good people of this country for voting for change. I know the NPP government has not lost focus, but the grassroots are asking questions; and very serious questions they are!
The vindictiveness of some appointees is fueling resentment, so not only must purported thieves like Joseph Siaw Agyapong, Sylvester Mensah, Dzifa Attivor, Agambire, et al, be prosecuted and jailed, but the few NPP traitors and betrayers must be considered as aiders and abettors of treasonable crime! Their businesses must be confiscated to the State. I know, as I am rightly informed, that there are people within our government who are shielding Joseph Siaw Agyepong, working hard to apply cosmetics to his rotten image and reputation. I know they are trying desperately to embellish him well enough for the President to accept him, which he has not, and will not! No matter how much perfume these people are doused in, their rotten maneuvers cannot be camouflaged, irrespective of the tons of moneys that are being paid to have the needed cleansing effect, and no matter how luxurious their Mercedes Benz offerings are.
Even in acquiring Metro TV, Joseph Siaw Agyepong issued dud cheques! He has no integrity worth protecting, as I opine from the near infinite cases of corruption and massive embezzlement. Let it be known to every single human being that I will not relent in exposing anyone and everyone who tries to shield the thieves and cancers of this nation! We did not cry corruption for all this time only to be hoodwinked by the few dirty ones in our midst! I am even willing to go as far as suing the AG for a perceived lazy approach to the whole anti-corruption struggle. I will sue and won’t butt an eye! Let them be on notice!
For the theft of the National coffers that has disenfranchised the elderly in our society; I shall fight! For the relentless will to connive with people in authority to disenfranchise the vulnerable; I shall fight! For the willful attempt to further impoverish the poor; I shall fight! For a calculated attempt to run down State institutions that will directly affect the welfare of children; I shall fight! For the negligence of powerful people that will cause the suffering of women and posterity; I shall fight!
I will fight the rot, even if I have to disappointingly do it on my own. Let the 30million-minus-one people of this nation stand and look unperturbed. A dead conscience will make them pay a heavy price! If they rejuvenate their idle conscience, then they will have a happy ending to a sorrowful story to tell in history!
Enough of the VINDICTIVENESS! Enough of the CORRUPTION! Enough of the EMBEZZLEMENT! Enough of the THEFT!
The elderly are dying in the villages and remote areas due to the corruption and theft of people like Joseph Siaw Agyepong! Children are also dying due to the theft that went on at the NHIA where Sylvester Mensah was once CEO! Lots of people have died due to the theft of moneys during the NDC days of shame that were earmarked for footbridges that were not built. That we are paying a heavy price for today, and it is affecting us; yet Dzifa Attivor is walking free! The whole nation is diseased because there are too many cases of corruption that are not being addressed. That is the cause of endemic nonchalance that has seeped into our being! The NDC collapsed the Banking Sector, yet the thieves are walking free!
We cried Woyome, and sang a song on his massive theft of 51 million Ghana Cedis, equivalent to some 30+ million US Dollars at the time, yet his accomplices are walking free, clutching his hand in a lock of love! Were we not told that his accomplices were Marietta-Brew and Betty-Mould, amongst many others in the NDC? What has happened since then? HOT AIR!
Remember the song? Huh? Woyome woyome…wayome wayome ooo, gargantuan ky3 y3n de!!! Do you remember? So if AG and now SP will not move their choco-smooth bums, I together with some patriots will move them!
We were told that Ibrahim Mahama stole, and stole, and stole; but apparently he seems to have gotten off the hook! Why did we ever cry corruption in the first place, if we were not going to prosecute anyone? I have loads to write about, but for now, let me stop here to reiterate the cry of the majority of Ghanaians:

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